Through this blog, I will share with you my journey of self-discovery, dealing with everyday and not so everyday challenges and my successful and not so successful tries to accept myself as I am

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About me

My blogger name is Chiara. I am a psychologist, soon to be psychotherapist. I’m in my thirties, feeling like I’m in my twenties. I would like to have a story, a punchline that describes me, but I am still discovering myself, so there’s that down the drain.


I find sea breathtaking beautiful… When I was in psychotherapy education, whenever we had to think of a safe space, I thought of my grandma’s house by the sea: the balcony with direct view on the sea and me sitting on the tiles of the balcony, with a book. 

I love the smell of sea, salt and pine trees. And sounds of people: children screaming of joy in the sea, splashes of water and grownups talking in all sorts of languages. 

Sunset and see