About me

Hi! And welcome!

My blogger name is Chiara. I am a psychologist, soon to be psychotherapist. I’m in my thirties, feeling like I’m in my twenties. I would like to have a story, a punchline that describes me, but I am still discovering myself, so there’s that down the drain.

A walking polarity

What I can say today about myself is that I am a walking polarity. I am obsessed with:

  • Makeup and makeup tutorials yet I hardly wear any on my face. I would like to wear more but I don’t have the courage to do so.
  • Tidiness and germs. I wash my hands a lot and when cleaning, I wash every single inch of my living space. But there are days and weeks when my living space is in chaos and dust.
  • Grammar, writing and pronouncing the words correctly in my native language but I forget the real meaning of some words and use them totally off the context. This is especially noticeable when I am speaking foreign languages. I tend to make up some words that don’t actually exist and use them like they are correct. E.g. in Spanish, for a long time I used “transladar” (for some reason I made it up from English word “translate”) instead of “traducir”. You will see by yourself if you continue to read my posts.
  • Travelling and discovering new cities, but when there, I tend to go everyday into the same coffee shop and restaurant.
  • Desire to be well known and acknowledged in professional circles. And at the same time, I am writing blog posts for one year and not publishing them. When I finally plucked up the courage to publish them, I am doing it anonymously.
  • Discovering and buying new books but I am hardly reading them (argh, I really hate this one about me).
  • Being an introvert but all the tests I’ve taken so far told me that I’m an extrovert.
  • Keeping it short and simple but my sentences and words go on and on and on…

This is all that I can think of at this moment and I know there is more that I could put here. 

In one sentence, this blog is about my life, what inspires me, what puts me down and how I handle myself in all my inner chaos. 

Final thought for introduction

A thought that is very important to me, which I wish to share with you in this introduction is: each one of us has hers and his own truth. The way we experience, see and feel the world. On this site, I am going to share with you my own truth. The way I feel and experience the world. It may be similar to yours and it can be very different. I am asking you to read my posts having this in mind and that you respect that this is my truth.

Along the way, I would like to get to know your truth. So, feel free to leave your comments, thoughts, inspiration, … whatever moves you reading my posts.

Written with love,